SEBON: Five candidates shortlisted for the chairman position

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SEBON: In the first round of selection for the position of head of Nepal’s Securities Board, five people were shortlisted.

On Monday, a recommendation committee designed to find a competent chair selected the top five candidates from a pool of 15 applicants in the first phase.

Niraj Giri, Gopal Prasad Bhatt, Khagendra Katuwal, Ramesh Kumar Hamal, and Krishna Raj Pokhrel are among the five finalists.

The committee will now recommend three people from the five that were chosen today, and the government will choose one of them to lead SEBON.

For the appointment of the SEBON chair, a Ministerial decision directed the formation of a recommendation committee under the direction of National Planning Commission Vice-Chair Bishwo Poudel. The committee had issued an open call for applicants for the position. The recommendation committee includes Finance Secretary Madhu Kumar Marasini and Jibanath Dhital.

For the SEBON chair, the application procedure was opened twice. When the first round was held, 12 people applied, while the second round had 15 people apply.

After the deadline had passed the first time, there were complaints that the procedure of forming the recommendation committee was not in compliance with the law. A ministerial resolution had established the committee’s legitimacy.