Lalitpur will receive the second dose of the Vero cell vaccine on July 9 & 10

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The second dose of the Vero cell purchased from China will be given in Lalitpur on Friday and Saturday

The program is being held on July 9 and 10 for the citizens in the age group of 60 to 64 who have been vaccinated for the first time to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic in the country.

Dr. Khageshwor Gelal, Chief of the District Public Health Office, Lalitpur, informed that those who missed the first dose and the second dose were requested to go to the appropriate center with the first dose card and photo identity card.

The Godavari to be vaccinated on Friday

The vaccine will be administered from 14 wards of Godawari Municipality on Friday. 

The vaccination will be provided by the health post of the concerned ward of Godawari, Kitini in Toukhel, and Saraswati Secondary School in Ward No. 12, Anandavan Hospital, and the office of Ward No. 11.