SEE results to be published in the 2nd Week of Shrawan

14 June 2021 11:20 AM | UPDATED 6 months ago

14 June 2021 11:20 AM

The National Examination Board (NEB) has started preparations to make the results of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) public within the second week of Shrawan. 

The board has instructed all the schools to send internal assessments by Ashar 20 and has started work to make the results public by Shrawan 15 without any obstruction, the National News Committee said quoting the board.

The results obtained from the internal assessment of the students have to be sent to the District Coordination Unit Office by Ashar 20. Prof. Chandra Mani Poudel, the chairperson of the National Examination Board (NEB), said that the National Examination Board (NEB) has passed the procedure for the assessment of students on Sunday.

SEE results 2021

The coordination committee has to send the internal assessment sent by the school and the records of all the students of the district to the National Examination Board by mid-July. The board will publish the final results of the SEE and issue the certificate within 15 days of the receipt of records from all the districts by the end of Ashar.

The board has made the main subject teachers responsible for the internal evaluation of the students and has formed a five-member committee comprising of school principals, senior teachers, English, mathematics and science teachers.

The decision to form a five-member committee was taken after complaints were received that the headmaster had done it alone last year and sent it with random numbers. The board has made a provision that the student should be disclosed due to excessive evaluation. In case of disagreement, provision has been made in the examination procedure to return the assessment, the board said.

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NEB Class 12 Result has been published Officially.

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