Shekhar Koirala – Online Khabar

Shekhar Koirala - Online Khabar

July 10, Kathmandu. Nepali Congress leader Dr. Shekhar Koirala has suggested the government to decide not to charge Rs 26.62 per liter in the tax levied on petroleum products.
He is of the view that a decision should be taken not to charge Rs 26.62 per liter until the price falls in the international market.

If this can be done, the people will be relieved from the scourge of inflation and economic activities will also remain dynamic. Koirala says.

He wrote on social media today, “In order to save the people from the scourge of inflation and keep the economic activity dynamic, the government has collected Rs. 10 as infrastructure tax, Rs. 4 as road maintenance tax and Rs. Decide not to take Rs 26.62 per liter in the international market until the price goes down.

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