Sher Bahadur Deuba will become the Prime Minister for the fifth time

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Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba is becoming the Prime Minister for the fifth time today.

Deuba is set to become the Prime Minister for the fifth time after the Supreme Court annulled the dissolution of the House of Representatives and ordered Deuba to become the Prime Minister.

He will become the Prime Minister by 5 pm today as per the order of the Supreme Court. 

As the President’s Office has informed for the swearing-in ceremony, the Congress leaders have stated that they are preparing to take the oath at 5 o’clock today.

Earlier, Deuba had been the Prime Minister for the first time during the reign of the then King Birendra Shah.

Five years later, he became prime minister twice during the reign of the then King Gyanendra Shah. 

Deuba, who was severely criticized after losing the Nepali Congress in his own election, is now becoming the Prime Minister before the next election. 

He must receive a vote of confidence within a month of being appointed prime minister.

If Deuba fails to get a vote of confidence, the House of Representatives will be dissolved in accordance with Article 76, Clause 7 of the Constitution, and Deuba will hold another election.

Small cabinet today

Deuba is also preparing to form a small cabinet today.

Today, some leaders of the Congress and the Maoist Center have been made ministers. The decision will be taken at a meeting of the coalition before taking the oath.

The Rashtriya Janamorcha, which is still in the alliance, is undecided on whether to join the government or not. 

UML Nepal-Khanal group leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, on the other hand, said that he would not stay in the alliance as the situation has changed. 

However, he suggested Deuba form a coalition government with the UML.