Signs that indicate which disease is affecting the body

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disease affecting the body

Even with a healthy lifestyle, we can sometimes get infected with a variety of diseases. Some diseases are diagnosed by going to a doctor, while some disease are indicated by changes in one’s own body parts.

If we pay close attention to the changes in our body, we can sometimes avoid getting a serious disease.

If the feet start to swell

Swelling and pain in the legs can also be a problem when you hang your legs. Rs. Even if the nerves in your legs are swollen, the legs get swollen and painful.

If you have problems with swollen feet, you may have edema. This may be due to heart and high blood pressure. In this case, it is better to check your blood pressure regularly.

Another cause of leg swelling may be spinal problems. Swelling of the legs can also be a problem when the spinal nerve is squeezed.

Swelling of the feet is another cause of weight gain, standing for long periods of time, and swelling of the face and eyes. If such a condition is seen, it is better to go for a doctor’s examination.

Sudden weight gain

Weight gain is not considered good from a health point of view. A sudden increase or decrease in body weight can also be a cause for concern from a health point of view.

Sudden changes in body weight may also indicate a thyroid problem.

Sudden changes in body weight may also be due to changes in hormones in the body. It is better to consult a doctor if you are overweight during menstruation in women.
Weight loss will be followed by sleep deprivation. Even if you can’t sleep well, you will lose weight.

Gums problem

Healthy Giza tends to be light pink in color. If Giza is red, black, or yellow, you should consider it a sign of a health problem.

If the color of Giza turns black, it may be due to the side effects of the medicine you are taking.

Injured scars

If you see a scar on any part of the body, you think you have some kind of health problem. This type of scarring may be due to our body not getting enough nutrients it needs.

Even if the body is unable to produce the platelets it needs, scarring can appear on various parts of the body.

Another reason for the appearance of scarring may be due to the lack of vitamin C in the body. In this case, the body’s metabolism is affected because of the appearance of scars on the body.

The color of the tongue

Most physicians also ask you to show your tongue during a health examination. Physicians are also asked to show the tongue because it identifies diseases from the color and changes in the tongue.

If you have white spots on your tongue, you may have digestive problems.

If the color of the tongue is yellow and the taste is bitter, you may have gallbladder or liver problems.

If the color of the tongue is white and gray, you may not have enough water in your body.

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