Singapore has delivered over 13 tons of COVID-19 assistance to Nepal


A Nepal Airlines charter jet arrived in Kathmandu from Singapore with more than 13 tons of medical goods to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

This was made possible through donations from Temasek Foundation Singapore, Lotus Life Foundation Singapore, and Gorkha Brewery Pvt. Ltd, in partnership with the Government of Nepal, several ministries, diplomatic missions, and the Nepali diaspora.

Surendra Silwal, Deputy Managing Director of Gorkha Brewery, handed over the cargo to Hridayesh Tripathi, Minister of Health & Population, MoHP) on behalf of the two donors at a brief ceremony today at the Ministry of Health and Population.

More than 123,000 Fortitude 3.0 PCR tests produced by Singapore’s Agency of Science, Technology, and Research (A* Star), 5000 boxes of Citotest swab kits (250,000 kits), 2 Magec32 RNA extraction machines, 2500 extraction kits and reagents, 30Alpha tele-ventilators, 6 Philips TrilogyEvo Ventilators, 50 Yuwell Bi-PAP non-invasive ventilators, and 4000 pulse oximeters are included.

A second cargo of extra medical supplies is planned to arrive in Nepal in the coming weeks from Singapore.

In a statement, Benedict Cheong, Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Foundation International, said, “The latest waves from several varieties of Covid-19 have demonstrated that we must continue to work together to save lives and bring the pandemic under control.” Temasek Foundation stands in solidarity with our Nepalese friends and neighbors in the fight against the pandemic.’

In 2020, the Singapore-based Temasek Foundation provided MoHP with Fortitude 2.0 PCR Covid-19 diagnostic test kits and oxygen concentrators.

Following the 2015 earthquakes, they also assisted the Ministry with disaster management education and training initiatives.