Sinti Jharna (waterfall) becoming a tourist destination in Chitwan

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Sinti jharna, Sinti Waterfall

Known as a new tourist destination, Sinti Jharna (waterfall) is becoming an internal tourist destination. 

Located in Kalika Municipality-9 of Chitwan, this waterfall is located about 24 kilometers east of the district headquarters Bharatpur.

According to Hem Bahadur Chhetri, Ward Chairman of Kalika-9, tourists have started coming here after the publicity of Sinti Jharna.

 “Domestic tourists from Bharatpur, Ratnanagar, Gaindakot, Khairhani, Sauraha, Hetauda, and Tanahun are coming to see and bathe at the waterfall,” he said.

“At present, around 200 domestic tourists visit the waterfall daily.” Young people come here to take pictures, make tickets and take videos while relaxing from the heat.

After walking for two and a half kilometers from Dogra under the Shaktikhor-Siddhi road section of Kalika, you reach the Sinti waterfall. 

The motor road has not reached Sinti Jharna. According to Ward Chairman Chhetri, the waterfall can be reached after a 40-minute walk uphill. 

Ward member Lal Bahadur Gurung said that the attraction of the youth is increasing in the local Sinti Jharna due to the lack of environment for long-distance tourist destinations due to the Corona epidemic. “Until four years ago, it was not much talked about.

After the arrival of the people’s representative, the publicity of the waterfall started. After that, domestic tourists started coming, ‘said Gurung.

He says that it is called Sinti Jharna as it rises from the mouth of Sintikhola in the Mahabharata mountain range. The length of the waterfall is said to be about 50 meters. 

Tourist businessman Vijay Lama, who arrived at the waterfall with a guide and some domestic tourists from Sauraha, said that the waterfall is very attractive and beautiful. 

He said, “It will attract not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists coming to Sauraha in the future.”

He said that he felt happy bathing in the cold water coming from the hill above. 

He said that the waterfall could become a tourist destination to evade the heat and entertain and attract not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists. 

He said, “Tourists can be taken from Sauraha, but there needs to be good management of parks, hotels, drinking water, and toilets. A police bit should be set up to provide security to foreign tourists to feel safe.”

Municipal Information Officer Achyut Raj Regmi said that preparations are being made for the development and publicity of the waterfall by making a master plan. 

According to him, a master plan is being prepared for the construction of waterfall gates, road improvement, sanitation, resting places, and other structures. 

He said that a plan is being prepared to provide electricity to the waterfall, improve the footpath to the waterfall, build a well-organized toilet and increase its role in publicity. 

He said, “The municipality is making procedures for this.”

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