Siraha: Local administration imposes Curfew for two days

Siraha Curfew

Siraha: From this morning, the local authority has enforced a two-day curfew.

The District Administration Office in Siraha issued the prohibitory order, which will be in force from 7 a.m. today until 7 p.m. tomorrow, saying that the Dr. CK Raut-led Janamat Party’s three-day closure and protest have

put the lives and property of the general public in jeopardy.

According to a news statement issued by Siraha’s Chief District Officer, Lalbabu Kawari, a curfew has been enforced along the East-West national route from Balankhola in the east to Kamala River in the west, with 500 meters on both sides of the roadway.

Similarly, a curfew has been enforced on the Siraha road section between Choharba and PK Raj Enterprises (Petrol Pump), as well as 500 meters east and west of this road section.

From 5 a.m. today until 7 p.m. tomorrow in the areas where curfew has been enforced due to the Janamat Party’s request for a nationwide strike and transport halt a few days ago, CDO Kawari stated, any sort of gathering, movement of persons and vehicles, and political meetings or activity is illegal.

The District Administration Office in Siraha has issued a warning to anyone who disobeys the curfew order.
On the national highway and the Siraha Choharba road portion, however, public transportation will be permitted.

Since Sunday, the Janamat Party has called for a general strike in Siraha to protest what it calls the police’s illegal arrest of farmers. Farmers attacked the Aaurahi rural municipality’s go-down in the district and took wheat, accusing the rural municipality of delaying the distribution of wheat seed to them. Following this occurrence, the farmers were detained on suspicion of stealing wheat from the go-down.

The Janamat Party has been organizing protests and a state of emergency to demand the release of farmers who have been detained on trumped-up accusations, according to the party. During the nationwide strike, party cadres set fire to a truck and destroyed two dozen automobiles in Siraha’s Golbazar.