Smart License renewal in Chitwan from today

Smart License Chitwan
Photo: Scriling/Canva

Smart license renewal work is starting in Chitwan from today. 

Former Prime Minister and Chairman of the CPN (Maoist Center) Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ will launch the smart license service.

According to Binod Poudel, Chief of the Transportation Management Services Office, Bharatpur, there is a program to launch the recently launched vehicle registration and smart license renewal service.

An online token system has been implemented through the meeting management system for the service recipients to avoid congestion in the transport office. Log on to chitwan yatayat site and fill in your details to get the token. Poudel informed that the service can be availed on the basis of token and time.

Chief of the office Poudel said that the renewal of the old type of license will be started soon. He said that only smart licenses have been renewed due to technical problems. He informed us that preparations are being made to issue new licenses in the next three to four months.

The Transport Service Office was established in Chitwan in 2051 BS. At that time, only temporary route permits were issued. At the same time, an officer and a mechanical supervisor would come from Birgunj only once a year to check the situation. The service was expanded in 2062 BS and established as a branch of the Birgunj office. Attempts were made to streamline the work of the office with the posts of permanent staff from 30th Shrawan 2071 BS.

After the implementation of federalism in 2075 BS, this office was brought forward under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of the Bagmati State Government. Until then, vehicle bill book renewal and tax payment, route permission, patkel, and other services were operated.

As per the decision to extend the vehicle registration on Baisakh 6, 2077 BS, the process of vehicle registration has started from Shrawan 28, 2078 BS. The ministry had issued a work order on Bhadra 3 to work on the driver’s license. After that, the driver’s license renewal trial was started on Mangsir 5.