Solar connection in government offices in Manang from today

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The solar connection will be made in the government office of Chame, the district headquarters of Manang.

Which was cut off from electricity service due to Gandaki / floods and landslides from today.

 The power supply to the government office in Chame had been cut off since June 13 after the 42-kilowatt micro-hydro power project was flooded. 

The Gandaki state government has provided solar after the flow of electronic payment services, information technology, and government services based on computer systems was disrupted in government offices.

The government on Saturday delivered solar energy systems to four offices in four phases. 

Although it was taken to Bensishahar from Pokhara, it could not be delivered due to bad weather. 

Haridatta Poudel, CDE of the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Drinking Water informed that the materials were delivered to Manang as soon as the weather cleared on Saturday.

About Rs. 4.31 million has been spent for the transportation of goods worth Rs. 1.9 million.

 All the expenses have been borne by the Gandaki government. Pursuant to Article 41 (1) (d3) of the Public Procurement Act, the goods have been sent following the public procurement process in special circumstances. 

Two 150-watt solar panels, two batteries, and an inverter have been provided for each office.

The local level micro-hydro project of the district has been damaged due to floods and landslides. 

There is no electricity in the villages including Chame, the district headquarters of Manang, due to the collapse of the pole of the national transmission line.

 Even the editing work in mid-July has been affected due to a lack of electricity. 

A meeting of the State Disaster Management Committee chaired by Chief Minister Krishnachandra Nepali Pokhrel on June 20 had decided to purchase and send solar.