Sonika Kukreja, Shaan Pritmani’s Mother Sends Out Heartbreaking Reaction Over Her Sons Bullying At Coppell ISD

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Shaan Pritmani’s mother, Sonika Kukreja, began the petition after her son was assaulted and choked by another student at his middle school. Here’s what we currently know.

Shaan Pritmani is a Coppell Independent School District student who is Indian-American. After being physically assaulted and choked by another classmate, the young boy is making headlines on the internet.

The assault footage was released, and it went viral in a matter of seconds, capturing people’s attention in a flash. Furthermore, Dr. Brad Hunt, the Coppell ISD superintendent, has indicated that the published video shows an Indian heritage student and that they are investigating.

When asked about the incident, Pritmani remained calm, remained in his seat, and did not leave; the bully appeared to have frightened him into leaving his seat. Pritmani claimed no one was sitting, but the aggressor appeared to bodily push him out. Sonika Kukreja, his mother, is now in the spotlight after filing a petition.

Balaji Ariyanan

Balaji Ariyanan

Sonika Kukreja, Shaan Pritmani’s mother, is a businesswoman

Shaan Pritmani, a young boy who was bullied at school, is the son of Sonika Kukreja. Sonika began her career as a QA analyst in hotels and eventually worked as a product owner at JCPenney, according to his father.

Shaan’s mother is a successful businesswoman who is not connected to Southwest Airlines. She works as a technology manager for Southwest Airlines. In addition, Sonika has been with the organization for more than eight years.

Sonika is now a household name after her son’s video went viral on social media, showing him being bullied by another kid.

Shan Pritmani’s Reaction After Coppell ISD Bullying Incident Gains Notoriety

As we all know, a video from Coppell Independent School District is currently going viral on social media. In the video, Pritmani, a young boy at his middle school, is physically assaulted and choked by another pupil.

The video is 0.54 seconds long and was first posted on Lord Potashmallow’s YouTube account. The incident that occurred in Coppell Middle School North of Coppell ISD is depicted in the video’s title. A white youngster grabs Pritman’s neck and drags him inside the school cafeteria, telling him to leave the chair.

What Did Coppell ISD Have to Say About It?

Dr. Brad Hunt, the school superintendent, has issued a statement stating that the case is being investigated. Sonika, the victim’s mother, has now launched a petition. The video was sent to them by Shaan’s friend, according to the petition’s description.

His parents then contacted school officials, sharing the evidence and requesting a reconsideration. The school informed the parents that they had watched the video and that nothing would be done differently. The Coppell ISD SRO officer refused to issue a citation because the school administration had requested that it not be written since there had been too many bullying complaints recently.

Coppell Police Department likewise failed to deliver. And the parents attempted for almost two hours but were unsuccessful in filing a complaint.

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