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July 7, Kathmandu. Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota has repeatedly accused the then Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli of having malicious intentions in issuing ordinances related to the Constitutional Council. While submitting a written reply to the Supreme Court, Speaker Sapkota termed it as abuse of power and forgery of the constitution.

“Once the ordinance is withdrawn as unconstitutional, the same ordinance will be re-enacted as it is considered to be an abuse of power with malicious intent and forgery of the constitution,” he said in a written reply. The law is contrary. ‘

He claimed that an attempt was made to weaken the provision of Article 284 of the Constitution by issuing an ordinance as the quorum could not be reached as the meeting of the Constitutional Council was convened on the same day. Article 284 of the constitution provides for the Constitutional Council and its office bearers.

Speaker Sapkota has questioned the legitimacy of the decision saying that the decision was taken at the meeting without following the legal provision of informing the members (including the speaker) at least 48 hours before the meeting of the council. In a written reply, he said, “Decisions and actions taken without due process will be arbitrary and in the eyes of the law.

He claimed that the decision was made public only after the cabinet meeting on December 20, 2077 recommended the dissolution of the House of Representatives at 10:45 am.

He claimed that Prime Minister Oli had concealed the decision of the council for six days to circumvent the parliamentary hearing which was made mandatory in the constitution as there would be no parliamentary hearing committee after the dissolution of the House of Representatives. Stating that no constitutional office bearer can be appointed without a parliamentary hearing, he accused the President of violating the constitution in this regard.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Stating that the representation of three important organs in the Constitutional Council is envisaged for balance and control in the important bodies of the state, he claimed that it was wrong to recommend the appointment by bringing an ordinance from the Prime Minister thinking that it would not be a favorable decision.

As the members including me have not received the information about the meeting to be held on the basis of the newly issued law (ordinance), the meeting and decision called against the rules and procedures are automatically null and void, ‘he said in a written reply. ‘

Speaker Sapkota raised various questions and sent the decision of the Constitutional Council back to the Secretariat of the Constitutional Council on 18 January 2077 BS. However, the President’s Office did not suspend the appointment on the basis of the letter alone. At that time, Speaker Sapkota had claimed that the letter was sent back on three grounds.

The Parliament Secretariat has sent back the file saying that there is no possibility of a parliamentary hearing. He claimed that if the parliamentary hearing committee does not make a decision within 45 days, there will be no impediment to the appointment. Speaker Sapkota had questioned the legitimacy of the meeting of the Constitutional Council saying that he was not called as per the rules of procedure.

He reminded that the recommendation letters were sent back to the concerned bodies five years ago when the Parliamentary Hearing Committee could not be formed when the Constituent Assembly and the Legislature-Parliament were formed.

On 14 September 2072, the Parliament Secretariat wrote a letter to Ram Prasad Sitaula recommending him for a member of the Judicial Council. Similarly, the name of Dr. Ayodhya Prasad Yadav, who was recommended as the Chief Election Commissioner, was also withdrawn once.

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