Steven Stayner, Delbert Stayner’s Son, Was Kidnapped And Died Tragically.

steven stayner delbert stayners son was kidnapped and died tragically
steven stayner delbert stayners son was kidnapped and died tragically

Who were Kay Stayner And Delbert Stayner? And what happened to their son Stevan Stayner?

Steven Gregory Stayner was born on April 18, 1965, to Kay and Delbert Stayner. He was the third of five siblings, with three sisters and one brother.
He was an abduction victim from the United States. On December 4, 1972, Stayner was kidnapped in Merced, California, by child molester Kenneth Parnell. His kidnapper detained him hostage in Mariposa County, California, 38 miles (61 kilometres) away.
Steven Stayner, then a teenager, was ultimately reunited with his family in Merced, California.

He then managed to flee with another of Parnell’s victims, Timothy White, to Mendocino County, California, when he was 14.

“Good news stories don’t happen very often, even back then,” his mother, Kay,  stated  “Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story,” a new three-part documentary series on Hulu that launches Thursday, April 21. “I wanted to share Steve’s big comeback with the rest of the world.” I wanted to convey our joy — the positive conclusion, but it also had a negative side.”

Steven’s kidnapping in 1972, his heroic rescue from another kidnapping victim, and his troubles after coming home are all revisited in the series. In 1989, a blockbuster television miniseries based on his narrative, “I Know My First Name Is Steven,” was released.

What has happened?

Steven, then seven years old, was going home from school on December 4, 1972, when two men, Ervin Murphy and Kenneth Parnell, stopped him.

They inquired whether Steven’s mother would be willing to make a charitable contribution to a church. Ervin Murphy volunteered to drive Steven home after he said yes.
“They passed the road that I lived on and they said that we’ll just call your parents to see if you can stay the night,”
Kenneth Parnell’s exploitation of the young child began there. After that, he told Steven that he had gone to court and “taken custody” of him. Steven was told to call Parnell’s dad and that he had a new name, “Dennis Parnell,” a week after his kidnapping.

“At first, he tricked me into believing that my parents didn’t want me.” So after a time, I was pleased,” Steven says in an audio tape taken from a chat between him and screenwriter JP Miller for “I Know My First Name Is Steven.”

Steven was enrolled in school for seven years. He never revealed his true identity. He was “always afraid” of Parnell, and he kept quiet about the rape and molestation. “He warned me not to tell once.” And he didn’t have to tell me anything else,”
Parnell kidnapped another boy, Timmy White, in mid-February 1980.
The two boys hiked and hitched 50 miles from Point Arena to a police station in Timmy’s hometown of Ukiah, California, on March 1, 1980.

“What happened was is I didn’t want to talk about,” Steven added. “And so when the police asked me if there was any abuse involved or anything, I denied that there was any.”

Rescued and a new life began

Steven moved in with his mother, who referred to him as a “rabble rouser.” But, sooner or later, he returned to his previous way of life.

Steven met his wife, Jody. “Steven seemed to be a lot more grounded than the other kids.” In the series, Jody states, “He was really peaceful.”

They married when he was 20 years old in 1985 and had two children: Ashley and Steven Jr.

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