Students’ organization vandalized and set fire in Patan Campus

Patan Campus

Three student organizations have vandalized the Patan United Campus and locked the office of the Patan campus head.

ANNFSU, Nepal Students Union, and Akhil Krantikari locked and vandalized the office of Campus Chief Laxman Kunwar.

The students’ union has protested after the campus administration made public the results of the BSc CSIT entrance exam.

The campus administration had on Sunday published the names of 16 candidates in the third phase of the BSc CSIT quota of 96 candidates in the third phase through online technology.

A student leader said that the students’ union had published the results without consulting them. The student organizations also issued a joint statement on Monday with various demands.

 There is a demand for educational and physical improvement of the campus.

The students have demanded that all the faculty fees of 2076 BS should be waived, scholarships of 2076 BS should be distributed, students who failed to fill up the examination forms should be allowed to fill the forms and online classes should be made effective.

They have also demanded to divide the sections at the rate of 40 students in the class and provide excellent Wi-Fi facilities on the campus.