Supreme Court did not give permission to repeat Khatun’s case

July 7, Biratnagar. The Supreme Court has refused to allow the repeal of the case against State 1 MP Gulefun Khatun.

Khatun, a member of the state assembly, had filed a petition in the apex court seeking repeat of the case after she was not satisfied with the decision of the high court in Biratnagar.

Hearing the petition, a bench of Supreme Court Judge Sushmalatha Mathema and Nahakul Subedi on May 9 ordered not to allow it to be repeated.

While collecting documents for Mohi’s land, he was accused of forging the signature and official seal of the then Kadmah Village Development Committee secretary of Morang.

A bench of the then District Court Judge Ambika Prasad Niraula had sentenced him to one year imprisonment in the case.
The district court had sentenced Khatun and her husband Sheikh Shilbar Mia, then GABIS employees Bijay Kamat and Dipchand Mandal to one year imprisonment and a fine of Rs 50 each.

Kamat and Mandal, then employees of the VDC who were found guilty in the Kirte case, were sentenced to two more years for being employees of the station.

Khatun, a member of the state assembly, had gone to the high court in Biratnagar in August 2074 against the district’s decision. The Biratnagar High Court had sentenced him to one year imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 14,583 on December 26, 2008.

The Biratnagar High Court had cleared her husband Sheikh Silbar. In the case of the three, a fine of Rs 14,583 was imposed on each of them.

She had filed a petition in the Supreme Court on March 26, 2008 against the decision of the High Court. MP Miya will have to spend 11 months and 5 days in jail after the Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

Khatun, who was elected as a member of the CPN-UML from the CPN-UML, had recommended the then secretary of the Kadamah Village Development Committee on March 19, 2008 to get three bighas and 10 katthas of land. There was a scandal after two recommendations of the same registration number.

The GABIS recommendation was submitted to the Land Reform Office for a mohi claim. She was arrested on June 7, 2073, two years after the submission. Miya, who had been in police custody for 25 days, was released on Rs 10,000 bail at that time.

In the former Kadmah Village Development Committee 2 (now Katahari-9), Madhusudhan Raj Pandey’s father-in-law Sheikh Dhaika Miya had a right to three bighas and 10 katthas of land.

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