Supreme Court did not give interim order in Mahanta Thakur’s writ

Mahanta thakur, Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has refused to issue an interim order in the writ filed by Janata Samajwadi Party Chairman Mahanta Thakur.

A bench of Justice Kumar Regmi has summoned both the parties for a discussion on July 30. 

Similarly, a copy of the decision of the Election Commission has also been requested.

The Election Commission has ordered all the members of the executive committee to be present on July 26 in the dispute over the official status of the Janata Samajwadi Party. 

However, Thakur had filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court against the decision of the Election Commission.

Is there an apparent error of law in the decision of the constitutional body like the Election Commission to hold an open session debate and advocacy discussion to prevent the immediate implementation of the interim order as demanded by the writ petitioner? 

The apex court has summoned both the parties for discussion, saying that the decision on whether the decision has caused irreparable damage to the writ petitioner would be appropriate from the point of view of constitutional dignity.

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