Supuspa Bhatt got married

Supuspa Bhatta got married, Two months after the engagement

Actress Supuspa Bhatta, who is emerging in the Nepali film industry, who is engaged got married. 

She got married to her boyfriend Raunak Bikram Kandel on Friday. Their marriage took place at Gokarna Resort in Kathmandu.

Only relatives, family, and some filmmakers were present at their wedding. Raunak and Supuspa have been in love for the past year. They were engaged on April 28.

Entering the Nepali film industry from ‘Ranveer’, Supuspa has acted in the film ‘Cha Maya Chapakkai and Chapali Height 3’. 

Similarly, producer Raunak Bikram Kandel has invested in the movie ‘Kabaddi and Mr. Jhole’.

After the marriage of Supuspa, who is emerging in the film industry, the future of her career in this field will be known in the coming days.

However, even after acting in three films, Supuspa did not get the expected success.

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