Surkhet court orders closure of victim’s video broadcasting site

Raute Nepal Surkhet

Surkhet District Court has ordered to shut down the site that broadcasts the video of sexual abuse of Raute girl. 

The court issued the order after a video of the victim’s identity was leaked on YouTube and the content of the crime was kept secret.

On Friday, Judge Dr. Rajendra Kumar Acharya ordered the removal of the video of sexual abuse from YouTube. “Send a written request to the Ministry of Information and Communication through the Ministry of Home Affairs to take action against those who broadcast objectionable material on sensitive issues and to shut down such sites as required,” the order said.

The order also called for immediate closure of the site for non-removal of videos. “In order to remove such content posted on social media including YouTube, a press release has to be issued by the Government of Nepal,” said the order issued by Judge Dr. Acharya.

The court has stated that the National Human Rights Commission has drawn the attention of the victim saying that she is insecure. The court has also ordered the Surkhet police to pay attention to the safety of the victim. It has been ordered to send a letter to the District Police Office to pay special attention to the safety of the victims.

The court also asked to send a letter to the central office of the Federation of Nepali Journalists. The court has also warned not to disseminate such material through the district-based journalists’ association.

Surkhet Raute Girl, Victim
Photo: Onlinekhabar

Surkhet Police have arrested the accused Gurbhakot Municipality-9, Botechaur Surkhet-based hotel operator Binod Pun, 29, Doman Bahadur Gharti, 35, and Bhupendra Budha, 24, of the same place.

The court has extended the time limit by 10 days to investigate the culprits. The health check-up of the victims has been done only on Friday. Police said that the investigation will be easier now.

Raute community demands food from CM

The youths of Raute community have urged Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi of the Karnali state government to make proper arrangements for food in their community.

They met Chief Minister Shahi on Friday and demanded protection of food and other necessities. On the occasion, Chief Minister Shahi assured that the state government would provide necessary food to the Raute community.

Shahi said that the state government has been providing assistance and will continue to provide assistance in the coming days. Chief Minister Shahi has also instructed Social Development Minister Yagya Bahadur BC to solve the immediate problems of the Raute community.

Although the team led by the chief has always been raising their problems with the government, this time the youths of those communities have met the Chief Minister.