Susan Jacks, A Member Of The Poppy Family, Died At The Age Of 73 In A British Columbia Hospital.

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Who was Susan Jacks and what was the cause of her death?

Susan Jacks, the Canadian singer-songwriter whose band’s 1969 breakthrough hit Which Way You Goin’ Billy? , dead at the age of 73 after anticipating second organ transplants.

As the lead singer of the Poppy Family, which included her then-husband Terry Jacks on vocals, Jacks left a lasting impression on the Canadian music industry, especially famously on some other smash hit, Where Evil Grows.

Jacks will be remembered for her soothing, passionate voice, which helped her music career skyrocket, and kept her grounded significantly after raising her as a household celebrity thanks to frequent airplay and the band’s national TV appearances.

Rick Pesklevits claims that Jacks began singing at a young age. He recalls her singing Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) by Harry Belafonte throughout the house and even outside.
“Singing in school brought her to the attention of various high school bands and so they often invited her as the ‘chick singer.’ She gradually became known as a result of that exposure, and she entered through the back door “According to Pesklevits.

Their brother Bill donated to her in 2010, but she was on the waiting list for another kidney due to recent difficulties from infections. She died on Monday in a hospital in Surrey, British Columbia.

“Her heart stopped because of infection,” Pesklevits said, describing his sister as a selfless person who “abhorred unfairness and lack of sincerity.”

“We regularly talked about what each other was going through, Just the sound of her voice, that’s what I miss.”
According to her brother, after her first transplant, Jack became a passionate champion for organ donation and performed multiple concerts to support the Kidney Foundation.

Susan Jacks Age

Susan Jacks AgeSusan Jacks Age

“She had plans to go back into the studio to record another album, but the progression of her illness prevented that,”
He referred to Jacks, who had relocated to Nashville and pursued a songwriting career before returning to Canada after her second husband had cancer.

“She was very good, but she tried to carry all the weight. She was leaving bruises on her leg like crazy and so we thought we should get some percussion,”

“Everybody fell in love with Susan. She was famous, and she could do things to people, but she was very unpretentious and kind. A very caring soul.”

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