Suspension bridge at risk due to continuous rains in Pokhara

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The suspension bridge connecting Malepatan in Pokhara Metropolitan City-32 and Serabensi in Shuklagandaki Municipality-1 is at risk

Due to the increased flow of water in Fusrekhola and other tributaries due to continuous rains.

Rudra Bahadur KC said that there was a problem in accessing the bridge after the river cut it near the bridge. 

He said that there was a problem in transportation as the bridge at risk was not managed and repaired in time.

Kishor Ghimire, a youth from Serabensi, said that there is a problem in getting traffic to Shuklagandaki-1 Serabensi and Pokhara-32 Malepatan after the bridge was cut unilaterally by Fusrekhola.

“Everywhere on both sides of the bridge, the water is opening up every year. Even though the risk is increasing every year, no one is interested in it,” he said. 

Another local, Balram Dhakal, said that the concerned bodies should take interest in the bridge at risk.

The length of the bridge built in 2074 BS with the technical assistance of Naulo Ghumti Nepal is 119 meters. 

The bridge, built at a total cost of Rs. 41,25,528

According to the locals, a large number of people are engaged in agricultural work on a daily basis and commuting to Pokhara and Tanahun on foot and on motorcycles.