Swasthani Brata Katha 2022

Swasthani Brata Katha 2022: Month-long Katha begins today

Swasthani Brata Katha 2022: Month-long fasting, and recitation of Swasthani script observed by Hindus since Poush Shuklapurnima began on Monday.

The month-long festival is usually observed from one month’s full moon to the next month’s full moon.

According to tradition, Nepalis, particularly Hindu women, observe the festival by worshiping Goddess Swasthani, fasting, and reading the holy storybook-Swasthani-which primarily narrates the stories of Goddess Swasthani, God Shiva, and other deities. Swasthani Brata Katha 2022

Devotees, both married and unmarried, take a holy bath to begin the ritual, wear clean clothes, trim nails, and perform worship rituals in the morning, followed by reading out the stories and eating austere meals in the afternoon for the duration of the month.

According to Nepal Calendar Determination Committee Chairman Prof Dr. Ramchandra Gautam, devotees also fast and engage in extensive worships during the period to appease Goddess Swasthani, who is described in the Skanda Purana, a holy text, as the Goddess having four-handed with Chakra, Trident, Lotus, and Sword in each hand.

According to Dr. Gautam, the Skanda Purana depicts Goddess Swasthani as having three eyes and riding on a lion.

It is believed that married women who fast will be blessed with long life for their spouses, while unmarried women will be blessed with suitable marriage partners. Swasthani Brata Katha 2022

During the one-month period, women wear red clothes and bangles because it is believed that the color red brings them good luck.

The Swasthani Katha rituals take place on the banks of rivers in various Hindu shrines across the country, including the Shalinadi in Shankhu, on the northeast outskirts of the Kathmandu Valley.

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