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Sichuan Air flight overshoots, hovering for more than an hour

A Sichuan Air flight from China’s Chengdu to Kathmandu has overshoot after failing to land

Nepal Airlines gets Flight Permission from Dubai

The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has given permission to the Nepal Airlines Corporation to fill

Employees appeals to the Prime Minister to stop the privatization of Nepal Airlines

Employees of the Nepal Airlines Corporation have appealed to the Prime Minister to cancel the

Short-term order not to privatize Nepal Airlines

The Supreme Court has issued a short-term interim order in the name of the government

Singapore Airlines resumes flights to Nepal after 20 years

With the merger of Singapore Air and Silk Air, Singapore Airlines is now expanding its

Nepal Weather to remain cloudy until Monday, February 23

Nepal Weather: According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division,

Winter Olympics 2022: Nepal has confirmed not to participate

Winter Olympics 2022: Nepal will not compete in

Health Ministry makes vaccination cards mandatory from today

Health Ministry: The government’s decision to require vaccination