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152 new Covid-19 cases reported in Kathmandu Valley today

The covid-19 infection has been confirmed in 152 people in Kathmandu Valley alone in the

Bagmati law is now available in-app

The Bagmati state government, which recently launched an information bank, has now developed a Bagmati

Kathmandu metropolitan schools to open from Sunday

Private and community schools within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City will be open from next Sunday. 

Kathmandu Vero Cell second dose from September 20

The second dose of the Chinese vaccine Vero cell is being administered in the Kathmandu

Government to bring Back Melamchi water by April 2022

The government has announced that the Melamchi Drinking Water Project will be reconstructed by Mid-April

Matrika Eye Hospital: Suspicious object found inside

A suspicious object has been found on a Seto Pul in Kathmandu. A suspicious object was

Kali Prasad Parajuli, CDO of Kathmandu Replaced

The Ministry of Home Affairs has transferred the Chief District Officer of Kathmandu, Kali Prasad

Kathmandu Metropolitan Declared fully Literate City

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has been declared a literate metropolis.  As 96.6 percent of the total

Flood in Kathmandu: Riverbank settlements badly affected

Flood in Kathmandu: The riverbank settlements in Kathmandu have been badly affected by the floods. 

Kathmandu Flood: 382 houses submerged, 138 people rescued

Three hundred and eighty-two houses have been inundated in Kathmandu due to floods. Police have rescued

Kathmandu’s garbage collection stops for a few more days

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has appealed to the metropolitan residents not to take out the garbage

Vero cell being administered again in Kathmandu from today

Vero cell vaccine against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is being administered again in Kathmandu Metropolitan City

10 gamblers arrested from Jorpati, Kathmandu

Police have arrested 10 people from Jorpati in Kathmandu while they were gambling. According to

10 days Lockdown in Kathmandu Valley from today

The ban on Covid-19 infection in Kathmandu Valley has been extended till August 4. A joint

Kathmandu Valley Extends Lockdown till August 4

The ban on Covid-19 infection in the Kathmandu Valley has been extended till August 4. A

Long-distance public transport operational from today

Long and medium distance public transport has started operating from today. After the District Administration

Earthquake shakes Kathmandu Valley, making Bhaktapur epicenter

An earthquake has shaken Kathmandu Valley this morning.  According to the National Earthquake Measurement Center,

Two arrested with red panda skin in Kathmandu

Police have arrested two people from Kathmandu with the skin of a rare wild animal,

NEB Class 12 Result has been published Officially.

NEB Class 12 Result has been published Officially.

Sacar to release ‘Dragon World’ album to his another list

Sacar, popularly known as ‘Little Buddha’, is coming

Congress convention ends in 322 state constituencies

The convention of the Nepali Congress in 322