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Tangmo Nida beautiful Thai actress in Photos (Tribute)

Tangmo Nida; Nida “Tangmo” Patcharaveerapong, 37, was a Thai actress. Her body, along with five others, was discovered on a speedboat on February 26, nearly two days after she fell into the Chao Phraya River.

Police are now looking into “new evidence” from a CCTV camera that captured speedboat TV actress Nida “Tangmo” Pacharweerpong falling before drowning in the Chao Phraya River last month.

A video is taken from a building near the river allegedly shows a man standing and sitting on the stern (rear) of a speedboat as the boats move along the river before the tango falls into the water and drowns in the night on February 24. The footage, according to Pol Lieutenant General Jirapat Phumichit, commissioner of the Provincial Police Area 1 on Sunday.

He stated that the footage showed an unidentified man standing and sitting on the stern of the speedboat at 10:34 a.m. that night – before it crashed into the Tangmo River – but that further investigation is required to determine whether the person shown is an actress or not. He stated that the police would consult with film experts from a local production house to assist them in inspecting the GPS coordinates of the boat and improving the clarity of the video.

Here are some beautiful photos of Tangmo Nida as Tribute.

Tangmo Nida 77
Tangmo Nida 011
Tangmo Nida 88
Tangmo Nida 19
Tangmo Nida 00
Tangmo Nida 15
Tangmo Nida 12
Tangmo Nida 11
Tangmo Nida 10
Tangmo Nida
Tangmo Nida 7
Tangmo Nida 6
Tangmo Nida
Tangmo Nida 4
Tangmo Nida
Tangmo Nida
Tangmo Nida

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