Tarcy Thomason Obituary & Death Update, Age And Wikipedia

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Tarcy Thomason is an American musician who was a part of the Artist VS Poet band. Check out the video below to see if he’s truly deceased or if it’s all a scam.

Tracy Thomason, an American singer, was a member of the band Artist Vs Poet. In 2011, he and drummer Joe Westbrook announced their departure from the band in an official statement.

Lennon Cody Thomason stated in his statement that after the birth of his first kid, he wanted to stay at home with his wife and child. He didn’t leave the band, but he didn’t abandon his music career.

Following his departure from the band, he formed Project 7 and 8 with his brother Tauvy Thomason. From the outset, people liked his voice abilities and music.

Tarcy ThomasonTarcy Thomason

Tarcy Thomason

 Is Tarcy Thomason Dead? Death News Trending

Tracy Thomason, according to a recent Facebook post, is no longer alive. According to the GoFundMe website, the musician passed suddenly on April 25th after fighting health concerns.

In his Dallas hospice center, he took his final breath. His organs began to fail earlier this month, and on April 28th, he passed away.

Thomason’s family had been advised by doctors that there was no alternative treatment that could rescue him. Thomason’s family has yet to reveal what had happened to him.

Last year, Thomason underwent a liver transplant and was doing well for a while.

What is Tarcy Thomason’s age?

On the internet, there is no information about Tarcy Thomason’s age. The musician, however, was reported to have died at an early age.

Thomason had been interested in music since he was a child. He rose to prominence as a member of Artist vs Poet, which he quit in 2011 to devote more time to his family.

Meet Tarcy Thomason’s Wife

Heather Thomason, Tarcy Thomason’s wife, was his life partner. Despite the fact that Thomason does not have his own Wikipedia page, he is listed on the Artist vs Poet page.

The pair married before 2011, although they never revealed the exact date of their nuptials.

They welcomed three children, Lennon, Lane, and Sadie, with whom he spent much of last year on travels. They also have a pet dog in their family, according to their social media.

Tarcy Thomason’s Net worth

Tarcy Thomason’s net worth has not yet been calculated. He had most likely made a nice living for his family as a well-known musician in his town.

Heather Thomason has launched a campaign to assist with his funeral expenses. The website has already received $7.625 in donations from 71 people who want to aid the deceased’s family.

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