Telephone service blocked in Humla for months

Humla Telephone service

The Namaste telephone service in Simkot Gaonpalika-3 of Humla in the Himalayan district has stopped working for a month. 

On the verge of Dashain and Tihar, the great festivals of Nepalis, the telephone service has not worked and the service recipients have been deprived of access to communication services and have not even been able to exchange good wishes for Dashain.

The non-functioning of the telephone tower for a month has directly affected the communication between the service recipients of Takla, Bamta, and Kumlik villages of Simkot Municipality-1 to 3 and Kharpunath Municipality-5.

Hemant Bohara, a local, said that the Namaste Tower in Bargaun, Ward No. 3 has stopped working due to a power outage from the Heldung Small Hydropower Project since September 6. He complained that thousands of service recipients in two villages have been affected by the communication as the telephone has stopped working for a month.

Bohara said that they could not even exchange good wishes on the occasion of Dashain.

The locals said that the tower in Bargaun would not work if electricity came to the tower. They have also requested the concerned bodies to bring the tower into operation by adding solar energy instead of relying on an electricity connection in the tower.

According to a telecom source, the telecom office is working to increase the capacity of the network and ensure its continuous operation. The telco has been providing some services by running generators saying that the service recipients in the district are not deprived of the communication sector.