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‘The Challenge All Stars’ Season 3 EP on Casting Jordan and Nia, More « TmZ.ng #Challenge #Stars #Season #Casting #Jordan #Nia #TmZ.ng Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

“The Challenge: All Stars” Season 3 is about to be bigger than ever — and that’s coming from someone who’s been part of the franchise from the start.

“The Challenge” has had such staying power that it’s expanded internationally, with the recent announcement of seasons in Argentina, Australia and U.K. and for the first time ever, a season on CBS, set for this summer — and Bunim-Murray Productions president Julie Pizzi, who has worked on “The Challenge” as a producer since 2000, knows just how much work goes into creating it.

The winners from all four shows will come together to compete on “The Challenge: Global Championship” (working title, previously “War of the Worlds”) — something that’s never been done before. “The concept around it is that we’re really bringing all of the best together to really compete for a super-sized ‘Challenge’ that will probably be that fiercest competition yet,” the executive producer tells Variety.

For now, however, she’s getting ready for the launch of “All Stars” Season 3.

“We really amped up both the challenges and the eliminations. Every single cast member has been to a finale. So they’ve made a final, which means it’s almost the all stars of the all stars. They are all heavy competitors and really capable of doing hard competition,” says Pizzi.

While Seasons 1 and 2 leaned into comedy and nostalgia, she notes that production has “found our rhythm” with the new season — and the house is one of the nicest they’ve ever shot in.

“It feels elegant. It feels like they’ve arrived and I think we really wanted them to really feel like this was invitational,” Pizzi adds. “If you made it to this ‘All Stars,’ you have street credibility in ‘The Challenge.’”

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The Challenge: All Stars 3
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Read the full interview with Pizzi below.

What was the process of casting only competitors who had qualified for a final? Or did that come after casting began?

It was intentional. Obviously a lot of our themes come with a casting lens, and we really wanted to keep the theme the same, but what could we do to raise the stakes? I think there’s a real craving for the competition being clever and hard and for the audience to watch something that could make them cringe a little. We wanted to amplify that, and we wanted a population of cast that could handle it.

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