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Let’s start with the story of Ken Livingstone. Known as the “Red Kane”, he was a Member of Parliament for the United Kingdom from 1987 to 2001. He was a councilor elected from various London councils from 1973 to 1986 and is also the leader of the Greater London Council. He was also a special ally of the outgoing Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, a socialist leader within the Labor Party.

The same left-leaning Ken Livingstone thought – the party will definitely nominate me for mayor. There was some basis behind his hopes and claims. London is a city of diverse cultural heritage. It is home to a multitude of multilingual and multinational citizens.

Although his claim to the post of mayor of London, the center of the world’s interests and concerns, was not unnatural, he spent the energetic 32 years of his life in active politics. He is the leader of the GLC (Greater London Council) and a well-known member of parliament from London. But despite his expectations and public confidence, he could not become a candidate. Because he was an eye-opener for then-party leader and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

He left the party and ran as an independent. Even if he wins the election with popular vote. During his tenure, he revolutionized public transport in London. Achieved significant improvements in a number of reforms and social security issues. After all these contributions, he established himself as a socialist leader.

Tony Blair’s decision to join the Iraq war was widely criticized by ordinary Londoners. Understanding the feelings of the people, Mayor Kane led it. Against this background, in 2004, according to the wishes of the general Londoners, Labor re-inducted him into the party and won the election.

The same Red Kane won independently in London, but lost both the Conservatives’ Boris Johnson in 2008 and 2012, despite the party’s rap, heat and support.

The recent local elections in Nepal were hotly debated. I had a chat with my colleague Dilli Guru at my workplace in the UK. He said in his original style of not opposing anyone, ‘Yes and said Keshav will win in Kathmandu? I feel a little windy. They are a little unstable, sir. ‘

I was shocked to hear her talk. At one time, while working in the youth association, we used to listen to his talk for hours. We ourselves have not got a clue as to how far the time has come from 2054 to 2079.

The power of social media as well as the desire of the youth who like to analyze weaknesses more positively than abuse also played a role in changing the outcome. The people are not abusive, they are eager to hear the issue of change. People do not like arrogant leaders.

On the other hand, the 84,000 votes of 2054 BS was the main reason for the defeat of Keshav. As he spoke every day, his vote graph kept falling. Earlier, when he was running for mayor, the social media and mass media were not so active. What he said in college did not become a troll. Sirjana Singh was more confident in the power of the alliance.

Balen had been preparing for a long time. The Aam Aadmi Party was looking at a successful model of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. He was recently working on an in-depth study of the manner in which he contested the elections in Punjab and working hard to incorporate it into the electoral process. But we did not give importance to all these issues.

The reason for his victory was not to go out of the agenda and not be negative towards anyone. None of us is free to ignore public opinion. Even though leaders like Kishore Thapa needed Kathmandu could not get 20,000 votes, Ranju Darshana’s vote was stopped at 25,000.

Against this backdrop, the fact that voters in Kathmandu are changing their minds and votes has revealed some hard truths. Some day in the month of January, two street children were fighting in the cold of the night under a skyscraper in Kathmandu.

One of them said very sadly- ‘Is this also a life? Sometimes one street, sometimes another street. No one gives a penny out of pity, only to ask for bread. Let’s steal, beaten by the police and found cold. Let’s not starve for so many days!

The same Red Kane won independently in London, but lost both the Conservatives’ Boris Johnson in 2008 and 2012, despite the party’s rap, heat and support.

What is the life of others of our age, we have no home and no relatives. Moreover, the police do not allow him to sleep well after being chased. What a pity! Whoever only slanders and insults, wherever he is and always far away! What kind of life is that? ‘

Another said, “Then why don’t you stop begging?” The first one fought back and replied, “What did you say?” Should I admit defeat? What will people say? ‘

Analyzing the results of the local elections, the mainstream political parties do not seem ready to accept this symbolic but strategic defeat. What will be the future of these political parties and leadership in such a situation? This seemingly normal debate is serious.

Consider the suffering of street children presented above. How difficult is it for a beggar to admit his failure? What else to talk about! Ego, pride and self-esteem are holding everyone back – the higher the harder.

The old parties have been accused of showing serious inability to institutionalize change and deviating from the norm. Apart from minor improvements in the current situation, they have no program to reach out to the people carrying the issues of backwardness, livelihood and change of the ages. But the top leadership itself does not seem to agree.

At the same time, the 10-year-old people’s uprising with the romantic flight of radical change could not be free from the guilt of anarchy and widespread economic stagnation. Assessing the impact of its dramatic descent and achievement in relation to economic and human losses, it is safe to say that it is daring in itself. Some of the issues it raises are also controversial in theory.

Surprisingly, they are a little behind in their ruthless evaluation of the past. Many Madhesi leaders have more ambition and lust for power. However, they also deny it outright. Other senior politicians do not seem to be ready for change, even as their influence and power continue to wane.

Similarly, it is not easy for many new and old powers to be established in the people. This is the truth, if anyone is ready to move towards reform by acknowledging their own weaknesses and limitations!

Britain’s Ken Livingstone has not received a ticket for more than three decades, despite his party’s investment and hard work. He became the independent mayor of London. Later, even when Labor had so much credibility and organization in London, it was defeated twice.

Keshav had won the popular vote by a wide margin when he became the incumbent mayor, but the party leadership failed to listen to his romantic plans. His style and speech captivated the people. Despite being such a powerful organization, he shrunk to third place with so many votes for deputy mayor.

This literally means that the party distances itself from the people when it does not address issues of public concern. Thinking that the interest of history works, ‘Red Kane’ was defeated twice. Hence, Keshav became the third. Against the five-party alliance, Kathmandu fell behind Balen by more than 20,000 votes. This reality needs to be reflected by the mainstream parties.

In another context, an illiterate chieftain with a small eyebrow, who once had big eyes, boarded a train. Sitting on the seat, he pulled out an English magazine and started looking at it from the opposite side, that is, from the top down, from the bottom up. Looking back, everything turned upside down. The picture of Tata car shown in the advertisement was also looking upside down.

The man next to him taunted, “What’s the news today, sir?” Sardar quickly replied, “Everything else is fine, but the vehicle overturned in one place.” Everyone started laughing.

A young man next to him opened his mouth and said, “Sardarji, you are looking at the newspaper upside down, don’t you know that much?” Sardar said with the same sarcasm: People we know can read from anywhere. Again, as I read, who cares about you? ‘

This is the challenge facing mainstream political parties now. Will it be able to improve the situation by distributing tickets in the upcoming parliamentary and state elections by ruthlessly reviewing the local elections? Nowadays, how can they try to win the hearts and minds of the people by raising issues of public interest? But leaders are not on this path. The parties are in the grip of the same chief.

In a democracy, the party must be the leader, but the people are fed up with the current thinking and style. Good governance and transparency are disappearing. Only time will tell how Balen and Sunita deal with this disillusionment. I wish you a good start and a successful ending now!

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