The dog, which has been in the custody of the Forest Office for three months, found its owner

July 9, Kathmandu. The dog, which has been under the control of Division Forest Office Mugu for three months, has found its owner. Police had arrested the dog along with its owner on March 29 on the charge of poaching.

The forest office handed over the dog to her on Thursday morning after the dog’s owner Champa Tamang came in contact on Wednesday.

Champa Tamang, his son Dawachorden, Tasi and neighbor Lama were arrested in Karmarong Gaonpalika-1 of Mugu. They also had a dog with them. Champa and Dawachorden were released on Rs.

Even though they were released, the forest office kept the dog in custody after the court did not say anything about the dog. The dog had been in the forest office for three months after Champa, who was released on bail, refused to pick him up.

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