The Health Insurance Board said: Pay as soon as possible, continue the service

July 9, Kathmandu. The Health Insurance Board has requested the service providers to provide services regularly.

In a press release issued on Thursday, the board informed that the health institution is in the process of settling the claim for the treatment of the insured as soon as possible.

According to the Health Insurance Fund Management and Operation Procedure, 2078 BS, the health insurance fund has been established and the entire amount received by the board will be kept in the fund, ‘the statement said.

Large government and private hospitals have been warning to shut down services because the board did not pay on time. However, the board has requested the health care providers not to worry about non-payment at the end of the financial year.

The board has admitted that the payment has been delayed due to lack of manpower to match the claim entry and claim testing ratio due to the increasing number of daily claims.

According to the board, 1,853,953 claims are being examined with priority till May 30 of the current fiscal year.

At present, 25 to 30 thousand claims are being made daily from the health care providers.

The board is conducting insurance program by signing agreements with 450 health care providers across the country.

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