The lock that has been in place at Sanskrit University for a month and a half has not been opened yet

The lock that has been in place at Sanskrit University for a month and a half has not been opened yet

July 7, Dang. The main gate of Nepal Sanskrit University in Dang has not been opened even after a month and a half. The lock that was put up by the Nepal Students’ Union on April 3 in the name of student movement has not been opened yet.

The entrance of the central office of the university has been locked for a month and a half after the Nepal Students’ Union failed to reach an agreement. Only a month after the lockout, the university and the agitating party Nevisangha had a discussion on June 12.

Although 11 out of 14 points were agreed upon during the talks, no agreement was reached on the remaining three points. The agitating party has not agreed to open the lock of the university as no agreement has been reached on the three main issues.

Registrar of Sanskrit University Madhav Adhikari said that despite holding the first formal talks to open the lock of the university, the protesters were not ready to open the lock.

The agitating Nevisangha had demanded that the convocation, which had been suspended for 10 years, should be completed within three months, the students’ union should spend 30 percent of the rent received from the dormitory shutters for the development of the dormitory, and arrange student-friendly courses. The registrar said that no agreement has been reached on the need to investigate the financial irregularities in the university, increase the scholarship of students up to 200 percent and manage part-time teachers.

The registrar said that the university could not address some of the demands made by the agitating party Nevisangha. “We have agreed on the demands that we can address,” the registrar said. “Some demands are beyond our control, which the university cannot meet.”

He said that they have agreed to address only the legitimate demands of the students. “Some demands are beyond the jurisdiction of the university,” he said.

Meanwhile, the agitating party, Cholendra Rijal, coordinator of the Nevisangha Sanskriti University Struggle Committee, said that the university was not flexible in meeting the legitimate demands of the students. “The university does not seem serious about increasing student scholarships,” he said. “We are in favor of the university being student-friendly, but they are not ready for it.”

He said that the remaining demands should be met and the locks would be opened only if the agreed demands are implemented. “The Navy is not always in favor of a lockout,” he said, “but the university must be flexible to meet the legitimate demands of students.” He said that despite giving an ultimatum of one week to fulfill the agreed demands, no interest has been shown so far.

Due to the lockdown in the central office of the university, the university has not been able to move ahead with any work and decision. The university has stated that the lockdown has stopped the preparations for the convocation which has been suspended for 12 years.

“The demand for a halted convocation is justified,” said Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Yadav Lamichhane. The lockdown seemed to be a bit late. ‘

Registrar Madhav Adhikari said that the administrative work could not proceed as the lock on the main gate was not opened. The Tulsipur High Court had ruled five years ago that the faculty and staff of the university could not be locked up with any demand after the universities were locked continuously. But the verdict did not say anything about the lockout by the student body.

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