The number of Demat accounts exceeded 4.6 million

The number of Demat accounts holding shares has exceeded 4.6 million in Nepal. 

One lakh new Demat accounts have been added in a month due to new investments in the stock market.

According to CDS & Clearing Limited, the office that keeps complete stock market data, the number of Demat accounts has reached 4.618 million by Monday.

According to CDSC, the number of my share users has also reached 37,034,319. Ordinary shares (IPO) can be filled from my shares and shares sold in the secondary market can be transferred. Those who do not have my share account even have to go to the bank to fill the IPO.

The number of shares in Demat has also increased. At present, 7 billion 392 million 84 thousand 604 shares are in demand. Four years ago, the Demat account was made mandatory, ending the era of paper-based share certificates. However, the CDSC says that the shares have not yet been fully dematerialized.