The stock market rose by 37 points, putting pressure on good companies

July 7, Kathmandu. The stock market, which has been steadily declining since the budget announcement, rose by a wide margin on Tuesday. In a market that has risen by 37.49 points, the pressure of business has been seen in the company which is considered to be good. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

A total of 37,65,516 shares of 231 companies were bought and sold in the secondary market, resulting in a turnover of Rs 1.25 billion.

As all the subgroups turned green on Tuesday, the share price of 189 companies increased, according to Nepse. Of the companies traded, the share price of half a dozen companies has risen at the circuit level. Shares of Andhikhola and CYC Microfinance rose 9.99 percent. Similarly, the share price of Saptakoshi Development Bank rose by 9.98 percent in the second quarter.

Shares of Nabil Bank Balance Fund 2 and Tehrathup Power Company were among the two companies that saw sharp declines in the second market on Tuesday. Among the major trading companies were Nepal Telecom, Nabil Bank, Arun Valley Hydropower and Nepal Life Insurance Company. The company’s shares stood at 117.2 million, 43.2 million, 34.4 million and 32.5 million, respectively.

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