The Top T20 Cricket Leagues Around The World

the top t20 cricket leagues around the world

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Cricket as a sport is widely recognized all around the globe. According to Cricket Addictor, cricket has over 2.5 billion fans globally.

To cater to fans’ excitement to watch top-tier cricket games, numerous cricket tournaments based on different formats of the game are held throughout the year in different parts of the world. Whether it is a test series, an ODI tournament, or a T20 league, avid cricket fans watch every match with passion and zeal. 

The onset of cricket tournaments also brings the opportunity for fans to indulge in fantasy cricket. By participating in fantasy cricket league games, enthusiasts can create virtual teams consisting of real players and predict the outcome of matches. Playing fantasy cricket facilitates players to play and compete against other fans worldwide. Furthermore, it also helps players improve their knowledge about different aspects of the “Gentleman’s Game” and its unpredictable nature.  

T20 tournaments are immensely popular among the masses primarily because they feature top-tier batting and bowling in a short interval of time compared to other tournament formats. Furthermore, they act as the perfect platform for underdogs to showcase their talents on a big stage where the whole world, including the selectors of international teams, are watching. Here are some of the most popular T20 cricket leagues all around the globe that are watched by hundreds of millions of cricket fans:

Indian Premier League

Ever since it’s first commenced, the Indian Premier League became a force to reckon with in the cricket world. The tournament got etched in the hearts and minds of cricket fans all around the globe thanks to its extravagant appeal. The first edition of the IPL came out in 2008, where eight domestic Indian teams featuring top-notch players from different regions worldwide competed against each other to win the prestigious trophy. Currently, the IPL is the biggest league in the world. To ensure that international players participate in the game, even the international cricket board schedules other tournaments and series in a way that their dates do not clash with that of IPL matches. IPL’s current brand value is over $6.1 billion. The magnanimous cricket event is watched by more than 410 million fans worldwide. Besides being a top-tier tournament that allows players to showcase their talent in front of the entire world, the IPL is also a profitable business venture that provides immense benefits to the organizers, teams, team owners, and every individual involved.

Pakistan Super League 

After seeing the massive success of the Indian Premier League and the Big Bash League, Pakistan decided to jump on the bandwagon and started their T20 league called the PSL or Pakistan Super League. The first edition of the popular league took place in 2016, and it featured five teams, each of which included some of the best international and local players. The current value of the famous league is approximately around $300 million. Furthermore, PSL boasts of a massive viewership of around 60 million.

Big Bash League

Another league with a massive global fan following is the Big Bash League or the BLL. The first season of the BBL took place in 2011, and its popularity increased significantly over the years. Thanks to the response it received from fans, the Australian cricket board decided to host a similar tournament for women, i.e., the Women’s Big Bash League or the WBBL. BBL features 8 domestic teams who compete against each other for the BBL title every season. One of the biggest differences between the IPL and BBL is that the Australian tournament only permits two international players to play, whereas IPL allows four international players to play in a team. The value of the BBL is above 30 million AUD. Another feather in the cap of the Australian T20 league is that it receives a viewership of around 42 million, which is a massive figure for any cricket event.

Caribbean Premier League

When it comes to the T20 format, West Indies is a powerful team since they have two ICC T20 World Cup trophies. To nourish talented players and show that their players have what it takes to make it big in the world of cricket, West Indies started their very own T20 league. Established in 2013, the Caribbean Premier League or the CPL has provided the world with top-class players such as Brandon King and Nicolas Pooran. The current value of the CPL is estimated to be approximately $400 million. Besides this, the T20 league also has a viewership of more than 550 million.

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T20 Blast League

Even though it is not as big as the IPL or BBL, the T20 Blast League is the oldest T20 tournament in the world. Starting almost two decades ago in 2003, the English league features 18 England and Wales-based teams. Since there are so many teams competing for the official trophy, the competition for clinching the title is very fierce, which is one of the major reasons why so many cricket fans love watching the tournament games. The estimated brand value of the league is approximately $450 million.  

T20 Leagues are very beneficial for both players and organizers. For players, a reputed T20 league is an exceptional platform where they can showcase their cricket skills. On the other hand, hosting T20 leagues is the perfect opportunity for major cricket bodies and businessmen to generate massive revenue. The popular T20 leagues mentioned above are prime examples of the aforementioned benefits.


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