Karnaraj & Niharika out from ‘The Voice of Nepal’

The Voice of Nepal

Karnaraj Giri and Niharika Gyawali have dropped out of Nepal’s No. 1 reality show ‘The Voice of Nepal Season 3’. 

Karnaraj is out of the top 10 competition on Friday evening and Niharika is out of the top 9 competition on Saturday evening. 

Karnaraj’s team was competing from Trishna while Niharika’s team was competing from Pramod. These two rivals are out of the show after getting less votes.

Along with this, there will be a competition between the best 8 competitors next Friday. Aryan Tamang and Govin Pun from Team Deep will compete while Sonam Sherpa and Tara Shrish from Team Raju will compete. 

Similarly, Kiran Gajmer and Ravi Gahatraj from Team Pramod will compete while Afrita Khadgi and Jwala Rai from Team Trishna will compete.

After this competition, each team will get one winner. Voting is open for 8 contestants. ‘The Voice of Nepal’ has been airing on Himalaya Television on Friday and Saturday at 8 pm.