The Wawa Ontario Plane Crash Video Has Gone Viral On Reddit And Twitter.

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the wawa ontario plane crash video has gone viral on reddit and twitter

A video featuring the Wawa plane crash in Ontario is going viral. According to sources, the Canadian Armed Forces has declared an investigation for a tiny plane reported missing. When the plane took off from the state of Delhi at around 3:45 p.m. that day, there were only two people on board.

The two people that went missing were on their way to Marathon in London Flight Information Centre, where they reported the plane was running late.
The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre out of Trenton and Senior Public Affairs Officer Major Trevor Reid asserted this information to the media outlet. It indicated that the rescue attempts to find the two mission individuals continue.

Video of a plane crash in Wawa, Ontario

Reid said, “At this time, search efforts are aimed at an area estimated 60 kilometers north of Sault Ste, Marie. Since Thursday evening, heavy snow and poor weather on the ground have made search efforts more challenging.”
The rescue team has attempted electronic searches, according to Reid. He added, “At present, we have a CH-146 Griffon helicopter, an RCAF CC130H Hercules airplane, and a CH-149 Cormorant helicopter engaged in the search.He also has an OPP helicopter and a Canadian Coast Guard helicopter supporting. Members of the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association are undertaken on some aircraft as spotters.”
According to a Facebook post, two guys were missing after the plane lost signal over the Wawa area on Thursday night.

The Wawa Plane Crash in Ontario video.

According to the Facebook post, a search investigation team was formed to look for the pilot, Brian Slingerland, and his buddy, John Fehr, according to the Facebook post.
Reimer reads: “My brother John and his pilot pal were en route from Ontario to Alberta in a recently bought airplane. They made it to somewhere around Wawa Ontario when their signal was lost. They are disappeared since yesterday evening. We are putting together a tracking team and they will be driving out tonight yet to search all day tomorrow. The weather conditions were also not well the last night and today became more worst. Visibility is too very poor. So choppers have not been able to track them down properly yet. We are frightened and so tensed, to say the least. If you are a praying person please aid us to pray that they would be discovered safely.”

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