There was no discussion on the budget in Gandaki, UML drew the attention of the Chief Minister

July 10, Pokhara. After the budget statement of the coming fiscal year 079-79, the ruling coalition of Gandaki is now in turmoil. Not only the ruling party but also the CPN-Maoist MPs are angry that Finance Minister Ramji Baral has been ‘dishonest’ in the budget.

Finance Minister Baral has concluded that he has violated the moral dignity by removing the plan from the budget passed by the cabinet meeting. The election infrastructure program has been removed in this time’s budget.

After the removal of the program directed by Chief Minister Krishnachandra Nepali with special interest, now the MPs of all the ruling and opposition parties are angry. The Chief Minister has even asked Finance Minister Baral for clarification.

It is alleged that Finance Minister Baral has violated the decision of the Council of Ministers in the name of gaining popularity and has planned from his own pocket in various ministries. They have been demanding the removal of Finance Minister Baral.

The meeting has been postponed indefinitely at the request of the Chief Minister after Minister Baral violated the decision of the Council of Ministers and demanded that the Finance Minister’s party decide on the issue. Now it is unclear when the meeting will start.

‘Chief Minister! When will the meeting be called? ‘

Even the state assembly meeting that was postponed after the budget could not start due to the same problem. After the meeting became uncertain, the opposition party CPN-UML met Chief Minister Nepali on Friday and drew his attention. A team including party warden Mayanath Adhikari had met the Chief Minister.

During the meeting, the Chief Whip of the CPN-UML Parliamentary Party questioned why the meeting did not start even after a week even though the ministers of the ruling party had asked for time till April 19 and agreed to it.

‘After bringing the budget, let’s not put it on the 2nd and 3rd. It was Saturday the 4th, we were supposed to hold the discussion on the 5th, ‘the Chief Whip told Chief Minister Pokharel,’ but today is the 10th. 6 days have passed. Why didn’t the state assembly convene the meeting of the budget session? ‘

Officials said that even though the delay was 1-2 days natural, the opposition seemed weak as the meeting had not started yet. ‘Half a day, one day too much, maybe 2 days! It’s been 6 or 7 days today, ‘he said,’ but there is no sign of a budget session yet. Complaints have been received that the government did not hold a convention in the open market and the opposition did not raise its voice.

Opposition parties have suggested that the budget session should not be affected by the infighting between the finance minister and the chief minister in the ruling coalition. The Chief Whip said that they would not sit idly by as there were contradictory statements and interviews between the Finance Minister and the Chief Minister.

At present, various talks of the Finance Minister, including the statement of the Chief Minister, are coming up. There are contradictions between each other, ‘the official questioned.’ We just watched the government’s conflict. What is reality? Why is there no budget session? It’s not good to have such a gap. ‘

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, but will continue to do so. ‘Why is there such a gap now? The reason is not understood, ‘the official said.

Why was the constituency development program cut?

Opposition party CPN-UML has also drawn the attention of the state government to the constituency infrastructure program, the multi-year plans started by the then Prithvi Subba Gurung-led government and the budget has not been paid even after the completion of the plan.

Opposition MPs complained that the constituency development program was brought to the notice of the then Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung as the federal MPs and ward chairpersons would also get the budget but the state MPs did not get anything.

Opposition leader Sachet Mayanath Adhikari said that although the finance minister had cut off the program, he had not received any official information and if so, why it was removed.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are trying to understand what it is, ‘the official asked,’ this is our last year. In the last year, having contact with the people would have benefited everyone! Why is it broken? ‘

Opposition parties have complained that the multi-year plan brought by the then Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung-led government has been cut and the program has been given continuity. Similarly, the contractors demanded to make proper arrangements for the non-receipt of payment even after the completion of the project.

“The lack of money for work, no budget for starting a new scheme, cancellation of constituency development programs, etc. have not boosted the enthusiasm of the people,” the Chief Whip told the Chief Minister.

Chief Minister’s answer: Some technical matters will not be finalized later!

After drawing the attention of the opposition party, Chief Minister Krishnachandra Pokhrel did not speak clearly about the rift in the alliance. However, he told the opposition that the government was in a difficult position.

Chief Minister Pokharel said that there was ‘confusion’ in some issues within the government. “We have put the House on hold for some time due to various reasons, including the confusion over the budget statement,” he said. But, we will end it soon. ‘ He informed that the meeting will start as soon as the matter is over.

Regarding the election infrastructure development program, Chief Minister Pokharel defended Finance Minister Baral. Although it was not included in the old title, he said that he got it from other policies under the budget and constituency.

“As far as the election infrastructure development program is concerned, it has been in operation since the past. At least in our state, it was a good impression, ‘he said.

Chief Minister Pokharel clarified that the multi-year plan started by the previous government was included in the central grant schedule but could not be taken forward due to non-receipt of the grant. However, he informed that the scheme which has more than 3.5 million red books has been given continuity. He replied that the government would be responsible if it did not receive payment even after completing the work in the multi-year plan.

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