These are the 35 organizations that allow public use of toilets in Kathmandu

These are the 35 organizations that allow public use of toilets in Kathmandu

July 7, Kathmandu. Thirty-five organizations doing business within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City will donate their toilets for public use.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City on Monday signed an agreement with 35 organizations willing to allow the general public to use toilets.

Agreements have been signed with representatives of 32 organizations including banks, restaurants, schools, publishing houses and business complexes.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Mayor Balen Sah, Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol and Chief Administrative Officer Loknath Poudyal. The agreement is for the next 5 years.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has stated that it will appoint 1/1 representatives from both the parties to monitor and evaluate the condition of the toilets.

KTM toilet agrement

Mayor Balen Sah informed that the sign has been prepared to make it easy for the general public to recognize the public toilets and the identity of all public toilets should be the same. A blue background within a circular line, with white letters in Nepali written ‘public toilet’ at the top. In the middle is a white sign for men and women. At the bottom of the sign is written ‘Public Toilet’ in English (see picture above).

These are the organizations that agree to use the toilet:

1) Times Square, Long End Bar, Baluwatar
2) Pashupati View Hotel & Restaurant, Balkumari Toll
3) Dental Villa, Ward no. 14, Balkhu
4) Devyani International Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Under
C) Pizza Hut, Ward no. 1 Durbar Marg
B) KFC, Ward no. 1 Durbar Marg
C) KFC, Ward no. 6 Buddhists

5) Dak Galvi Korean House, Laksu Street, Basantapur
6) Hotel Ratnajyoti, Parisdanda
7) Nexus Global Visa & Immigration Pvt. Ltd., Shankhamul
8) Khanekura Pvt. Ltd., Gaushala
9) Sangrila Development Bank, Baluwatar
10) Babylon National School, Shantinagar

11) OTC Kitchen Restaurant, Baluwatar
12) Nepal Publications, Dilli Bazaar
13) Basundhara & Gongbu Area Restaurant, Basundhara
14) Goma Laxmi International, Thamel
15) Gharana Lunch & Bar, Baneshwor

16) Kamana Seva Vikas Bank, Kuleshwar, Boudh, Thamel, Gyaneshwar, Kalanki, Bhimsengola, New Baneshwar, New Road,
17) City Express Money Transfer, Kamaladi
18) Name Institute for Medical Education Pvt. Ltd., Putalisadak
19) RDX Bar Pvt. Ltd. Thamel
20) Nepalgunj Biryani, Dilli Bazaar Peopleboat

21) Carnival Rest and Meeting, Bijulibazar
22) Bardali Rest and Meeting, Shankhamul
22) National Business Trade Center, Kalanki
23) Sangrila Development Bank, Baluwatar
24) Binka Lang, Camp
25) Progressio Vistro Peebiz Restaurant, Buddhist

26) Milaland Development Pvt. Ltd., stigmatized
27) Crimpji Adventure Hub, Buddhist
28) Burger Hub & KCA Chicken, Bijulibazar
29) Anupam Foodland, Battisputli
30) Retreat Cafe, Buddhist

31) Chicken station
32) Stupa Hub, Buddhist

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