Tigers – A Symbol Of Royalty

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They are the symbols of royalty, strength and beauty and are the national animals of India. We are definitely talking about the tigers. Presently they come under the category of endangered animals as they have been hunted by the humans on large scale for their amazing skin which fetches higher sum of money and their claws and teeth are the items of decoration. Mass killing of their beautiful animal has declined its population to that extent that they are on the verge of extinction. Many wild life reserves, national parks are there all over the world to save this elegant animal from extinction.

The scientific name of tiger is Pantera tigris and it belongs to the phylum Chordata and class Mammalia. The order Carnivora and the family Felidae form the complete address of tiger. Tiger is the native of southern and eastern Asia and is an apex predator and obligate carnivorous animal. The average body size of an adult tiger is 3.3 m and its body weight may be 300 kg. Tigers can be easily identified by the presence of dark vertical stripes over the orange white fur and lighter under parts. The subspecies that comprises the largest population of the tiger is the Bengal tiger and the largest subspecies of tiger is the Siberian tiger. They are very well adapted to their habitats and can be found easily available in the Siberian taiga, open grasslands and the mangrove swamps. They make their own territories and love to live solitary and hunt on a large variety of animals for getting their food. When their prey becomes scarce they do not hesitate to attack humans also. Out of the nine subspecies of the modern tigers three are completely extinct and the remaining six share the category of endangered animals. Hunting and fragmentation are the major causes of their population reduction. Tigers form the worlds most popular and charismatic mega fauna.

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tigers a symbol of royalty

tigers a symbol of royalty