Tik Tok Songs: Best Top Songs of Tik Tok in 2021

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Tik Tok songs must have the right vibe. Best Tik Tok Songs for the year 2021 that went viral & made hits.

Because of the popularity of the TikTok app, Tik Tok songs have a way of going viral. The TikTok app has grown at an exponential rate in the years since it first became popular.

TikTok fans can’t get enough of the platform, which allows you to create 15-second video clips of yourself doing whatever you want. TikTok is a popular platform for tutorials and group dances with perfectly timed choreography. Some teenagers are even using the platform to effect positive change.

Tik Tok songs 2021

Many of these videos are set to background music, which completely sets the tone and mood. When you watch TikTok videos, you’ll notice that certain songs play over and over. This is because these songs are often the perfect accompaniment to a particular challenge or TikTok meme that everyone wants to try.

If you’re looking for the most popular TikTok songs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best TikTok songs available, both from the pandemic year that is now (thankfully) over and from the most current trends that will be released in 2021.

Tik Tok Songs List 2021

1. “Peaches”, Justin Bieber

In this unexpected collaboration, Daniel Caesar’s smooth voice complements Justin’s upbeat lyrics perfectly. That’s just one of the reasons “Peaches” is one of the most popular TikTok songs.

2. “Bored in the House”, Tyga ft. Curtis Roach

Is there a better song for a pandemic? Nope. That’s why “Bored in the House” went viral last year. Of course, the tongue-twisting lyrics and fresh beat help as well.

3. “Dance Monkey”, Tones and I

When you hear this song, it’s impossible to stay still, as evidenced by the staggering number of TikTok videos that feature it. “Dance Monkey” has earned a spot as one of the best Tik Tok songs, with beauty tutorials, choreography, and — let’s face it — everything in between.

4. “Best Friend”, Doja Cat, Saweetie

The song that inspired the wildly popular “Best Friend Challenge” has BFFs all over the world collaborating to create their own moves to this catchy song.

5. “Dior”, Pop Smoke

Everyone from middle schoolers to housewives appears to have their own take on the #mood of this song. It has appeared in 188,000 TikTok videos!

6. “International Super Spy”, The Backyardigans

Every single song from this random kid’s show from the early 2000s happens to be completely legit. In 2021, the International Super Spy challenge trended across the TikTok app, with TikTokers revealing unexpected facts about themselves to the words of the song.

7. “Circus”, Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ music, which was a teen sensation in the early 2000s, is still very popular today. That’s why we’re digging this TikTok trend set to Britney Spears’ hit “Circus.” People are reimagined as what they would look and wear if they were early 2000s pop stars. Platform flip-flops are an absolute must in these TikTok videos!

8. “Love Game” remix, Lady Gaga

This trending TikTok meme shows TikTokers leaving rooms, only to encounter an unsavory situation and return to their rooms (walking in reverse, of course). Gaga’s remix makes the perfect bad*ss background music.

9. “Day ‘n’ Nite”, Kid Cudi

People are shown writing something in black and white in this popular TikTok video. When the lights go out, however, the true meaning is revealed.