Tokha to provide free health check-ups to 3,000 city dwellers

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Tokha Municipality has decided to run the ‘Mayor Health Program’.

In the northern part of Kathmandu, Tokha is going to run a ‘Mayor Health Program’ for free testing of non-communicable diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and kidney disease, and cancer due to changing lifestyle, diet, and environmental pollution.

In the policy, program, and budget presented by the municipality for the fiscal year 2078/79, it has been stated that a complete health check-up program will be conducted for 3,000 people under the ‘Mayor Health Program’.

 Chief Prakash Adhikari of the municipality said that the municipality would provide free medicine along with free medicine provided by the central government while ensuring the fundamental right of the city dwellers to get basic health care.

As the Tokha Chandeshwori Primary Center established in Ward No. 2 has been developed as a provincial hospital, it is said that capacity building program will be conducted for the health workers to provide quality health services by motivating the city dwellers to get the highest service from the hospital.

Taking into consideration the health of pregnant and maternity women in the municipality, Tokha is going to run a ‘Deputy Mayor with Women’ program. Under the program, free calcium, folic acid tablets, and free pregnancy test services will be provided to pregnant and lactating women. 

Deputy Chief Gyan Maya Dangol said that free ambulance service for pregnant and lactating women and activities related to reproductive health promotion will be conducted. The municipality is going to provide additional vaccinations for children and adults at risk by constructing vaccination centers to run the vaccination program effectively.

Similarly, the construction work of ‘One Ward, One Yoga Meditation Center and Gymnasium’ will be carried out in collaboration with various organizations for physical and mental health. 

This is a program started last year. The municipality has stated that private hospitals and clinics in the city will take initiative to provide at least a 15 percent discount to provide health services to the city dwellers easily.

There are five privately run hospitals in Tokha including Grandi International Hospital Dhapasi, Isan Children’s Hospital Basundhara, Green City Hospital Basundhara, Al Nepal Hospital Samakhushi, and Binayak Hospital and Maternity Hospital Gongbu.