Tokyo Olympics: Gaurika Singh competes today

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Gaurika singh tokyo olympics

Gaurika Singh of Nepal is competing in the Tokyo Olympics being held in Japan today. Gaurika will compete in the women’s 100-meter freestyle.

She is number one in the competition at the Tokyo Aquatics Center. There are only four players from Nigeria, Montenegro, and Guam, including Gaurika.

A total of 52 players will compete in this competition. Meanwhile, only the top 16 players will reach the semifinals.

Gaurika’s competition is at 3:45 pm Nepali time. Alex Shah, another swimmer who carried Nepal’s flag at the Olympic inauguration along with Gaurika, has already set a national record in the men’s 100-meter freestyle.

Gaurika’s goal is to break the record in the 100-meter freestyle. Along with Alex, Gaurika Singh had undergone two weeks of special training in Tokushima before the start of the Olympics.

Coach Shankar Karki said that Alex has already broken the record and Gaurika is also confident of breaking the national record.

Gaurika’s Olympic entry timing is 1 minute 00.62. Gaurika took this time at the 2019 FINA World Championships in China.

Similarly, in the 8th National Games in Nepal, she clocked 59.60 seconds on a 25-meter bridge. 

In the 13th green held in Nepal in 2019, Gaurika had set a record of 58.13 seconds.

Gaurika is competing in the Olympics for the second time in a row. 

Earlier, she was the youngest athlete at the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil.

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