Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Release Date And Time Confirmed!

tokyo revengers chapter 251 release date and time confirmed

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Release Date And Time Confirmed!: Chapter 251 Of Tokyo Revengers is all set to make its official release soon. Yes, you read it right that your favorite manga series is ready with another mind-blowing chapter to entertain the viewers. As it is going to release soon, some leaks or spoilers of the chapter have been surfacing all over the internet. The fans are curious to know what is going to happen next in the story. Some fans are also looking for some spoilers and the release date of the new chapter. In this section, we are going to provide you with some spoilers as well as the release date and more. Follow More Update On

tokyo revengers chapter 251 release date

tokyo revengers chapter 251 release date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Release Date

According to the latest spoilers, things in the manga are going to be more intense for almost every character. In the previous chapter, we have seen Senju who takes a stand against her brother, Haruchiyo Sanzu. In the course of their confrontation, Sanzu discloses that there is no other reason why Mikey gave scars on his face years back. Although Sanzu singlehandedly beats Senju in the fight, we see her lying unconscious on the floor. Apart from this, the chapter also focused on Waka and Akkun. Now, all the manga readers are looking forward to the upcoming incident and some fighting scenes from Mickey.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Release Time

Talking about the release date of Chapter 251, then Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 is set to be released worldwide on 26 April 2022, Tuesday, or 27 April 2022, Wednesday, depending on your region. For all the international Tokyo Revengers fans, the chapter will be available in the form of physical copies of the volumes of manga through the official website of Kodansha. On the other hand, the Japanese readers can get conveniently the weekly magazine of Kodansha to read the new chapters.

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As per some early spoilers, Inupi will ask Koko to help him against Benkei and Wakas. Koko who is the supporter of Mickey’s gang is hesitant at first, he comes to Inupi’s rescue after recalling Akane’s words. Mickey asks Hanma to deal with this situation. Hanma then moves into the battle and confronts Mitsuya, Chifuyu, Hakkai, and Akkun. These four members is going to be seen celebrating Akkun’s victory for a while but they will see Hanma soon standing behind them to challenge them to a fight.

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