Tommy Clufetos Wife And Bio, Drummer Replaces Tommy Lee In Mötley Crüe Band Tour

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Casey Clufetos is the wife of session drummer Tommy Clufetos, who is from the United States. Tommy Lee, the drummer and founding member of heavy rock band Motley Crüe, broke his ribs, so he is being replaced by him on their reunion tour.

Tommy was happy about the reunion tour and ready to play, even though he was sick. But after playing five songs on the first day of the tour, he said he couldn’t keep going and that Tommy Clufetos would be taking his place for the rest of the shows.

Tommy Clufetos

Tommy Clufetos

Who Is Tommy Clufetos Wife, Casey Clufetos?

Casey is married to Tommy Clufetos and likes to work out. They got married, and since then, they have been together. She is very active physically and takes very good care of her body. She is also a big deal on social media, and she has inspired a lot of people to stay healthy by doing simple things that we all do every day.

She likes to live close to the outdoors. Her Instagram posts show that she likes living by the beach. She writes about what’s going on in her life on Instagram. There, she also posts some of her healthy food recipes. A daughter was born to them in 2018.

How Did Tommy Lee Break His Ribs?

Before the Motley Crüe reunion tour, Tommy Lee broke one of his ribs. He said he wished he had a cool story to tell his fans about what happened. He didn’t say anything about what happened when he broke his ribs.

We can only guess that he broke his ribs in an accident. We are glad that he didn’t get hurt too badly in that accident.

When the rock band’s tour was announced, fans were very excited to see all of the members performing together for the first time in a long time. But when the news came out on the first day of the tour, the excitement died down. Thursday, June 16, 2022, was the first day of the tour.

Tommy Lee’s Health Update

He is resting and getting better from his injury right now. After playing five songs, Motley Crüe’s drummer said that he couldn’t keep going on the tour because of his health.

He said that he had hurt his left side by breaking four ribs. He even wrote about it on his Instagram account. His doctor told him to rest properly, and he forbade doing any physical activities.

He couldn’t stay home and not perform for his fans on the tour, because the tour had already been pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic and couldn’t be pushed back any further.

In the same statement, Lee said that Tommy Clufetos would take his place for the rest of the tour. He said that he was so happy to be at the reunion after so long and that he wanted to keep going even though he was sick.

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