Top 10 Best Search Engines

Top 10 Best Search Engines in The World in 2021

People are growing increasingly reliant on search engines to find answers to their everyday questions. Best Search Engines in The World

Search engines have become an integral part of our daily lives, whether we’re seeking Xmas gifts, a nearby coffee shop open before 7 a.m., or the best steakhouse in town.

We use a number of statistics at Inspire to track our search traffic. The majority of the queries we received were linked to what we do, but some were just strange. Those we’re interested in are those that relate to the services we provide, such as enhancing search rankings, web design, and web development, among other things.

Despite the fact that we use “all avenues to market,” we still rely significantly on search engines for our primary traffic.

We just completed work for a customer trying to break into the Russian market; they’d spoken with various organizations who all revealed their Google strategies and how knowledgeable they are. This grossly misses the issue because Yandex is the most used search engine in Russia, not Google!!!

This made me realize that individuals may have thought that just because Google is a global leader, they are also the market leader in every market.

As a result, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the rest of the world, so let’s take a look at the top ten search engines in the world.

List of Top 10 Best Search Engines in The World in 2021

1. Google

Top 10 Best Search engines

The Google Search Engine is the best search engine in the world, as well as one of Google’s most popular products.

Google has captured over 70 percent of the search engine market.

The tech behemoth is constantly evolving and striving to improve the search engine algorithm in order to deliver the best results to users. Despite the fact that Google looks to be the most popular search engine, YouTube is currently more popular than Google as of 2015. (on desktop computers). Best Search Engines

2. Bing

Top 10 Best Search engines

Bing was established in 2009 as Microsoft’s response to Google. In Microsoft’s web browser, Bing is the default search engine.

Bing is constantly attempting to improve its search engine, but it still has a long way to go before it can compete with Google. Image, web, and video searches, as well as maps, are all available through Microsoft’s search engine.

Bing created Places (Google My Business is the same), which is a wonderful platform for businesses to upload their information to improve their search results. Best Search Engines

3. Yahoo

Top 10 Best Search engines

With a 3.39 percent share of the global market, Yahoo! ranks fourth among the world’s top search engines.

Yahoonarrative !’s is both fascinating and embarrassing. Jerry Yang and David Filo created the company way back in 1994.

Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web was the initial name for the website, but it was immediately renamed Yahoo!, which stood for “Yet Another Hierarchical Organized Oracle.”

In 2000, Yahoo! Mail and other web services catapulted the business to a $125 billion valuation.

Then things started to go downhill.

In 1998, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin attempted to sell the company to Yahoo! for a pittance of $1,000,000.They were turned down by Yahoo!

Yahoo! Mail lost to Gmail, Yahoo! Answers lost to Quora, and Yahoo! Flickr lost to Instagram, despite having a significant head start and far more resources.


Today, Microsoft’s Bing search engine is used to power Yahoo search !’s engine. As a result, both search engines’ results are remarkably similar. Best Search Engines

4. Baidu

Top 10 Best Search engines

Meet Baidu, the world’s third-largest search engine, with a market share of 7.34 percent.

This is China’s most used search engine. In reality, Baidu has an absolute monopoly in China, with 74.73 percent of the market in February 2019. Google, on the other hand, has only a 2% share of China’s search engine market.

Baidu was created in the year 2000 and is headquartered in Beijing, China’s capital.

It is one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence and internet service providers. Outside of China, however, Baidu has virtually little clout.

China has the world’s “biggest and most sophisticated online censorship apparatus,” according to the report.

This is commonly referred to as “China’s Great Firewall.”

As a result, in order for Western search engines such as Google to join the Chinese market, they must adhere to stringent censoring laws and restrictions. Best Search Engines

5. DuckDuckGo

Top 10 Best Search engines

DuckDuckGo is the sixth-largest search engine in the world, with a 0.39 percent market share.

This search engine is all about protecting your personal information.

There are numerous Google privacy worries these days. The behemoth is well-known for tracking, monitoring, and collecting vast amounts of information about its users.

If you’re concerned about your data being gathered and kept, or if you don’t like targeted advertising, DuckDuckGo might be worth a try.

“Privacy, simplified” is the tagline of the search engine.

“The Internet privacy firm that empowers you to instantly take control of your personal information online without any tradeoffs,” it claims.

Doesn’t it sound great?

DuckDuckGo does not keep track of your personal information or show you adverts.

This implies that if you look at a pair of shoes, you won’t be assaulted with shoe commercials for the next two weeks.

To make switching even easy, there’s a Google Chrome addon.

In essence, it’s the ideal answer for anyone concerned about the privacy of their personal information and surfing history.

DuckDuckGo now receives 27.4 million daily search queries, with the number steadily increasing. Best Search Engines

6. Yandex

Top 10 Best Search engines

With a global market share of 1.53 percent, Yandex is ranked fifth among the top ten search engines.

With 55 percent of all Russian search traffic, it is the most popular search engine in Russia, closely followed by Google.

Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey all use the search engine.

Yandex offers over 70 distinct services, including Yandex Disk, which is a cloud-based storage solution similar to Google Drive.

The moniker “Yandex,” which stands for “Yet Another iNDEXer,” was coined in 1993.

Its ability to interpret Russian intonation in search queries is one of its primary advantages for Russian-language users.

To demonstrate their relationship to one another, Russian nouns can take on more than 20 different ends. According to MIT linguistics expert David Pesetsky, “although this makes the language exact, it makes search incredibly difficult.”

7. Naver

Top 10 Best Search engines

With a 0.13 percent market share, Naver is the world’s tenth most successful search engine.

In South Korea, this renowned Korean search engine has a market share of 75%. As a result, it’s sometimes referred regarded as “South Korea’s Google.”

Naver was the first Korean web portal to design and deploy its own search engine, which it launched in 1999. Naver now offers a variety of services, including an email client, an encyclopedia, a children’s search engine, and a news web portal.

Despite how successful the search engine is in South Korea, it does not appear probable that it will expand globally in the foreseeable future. Best Search Engines

8. Neeva

Top 10 Best Search engines

Neeva is a search engine that looks for information on the web as well as personal files like emails and other documents. It will not show any advertisements and it will not collect or profit from user data.

Neeva, founded by former Google executives, will charge $4.95 per month. … When you search for something online, chances are you Google it. The company handles about 90% of search traffic globally and makes money by selling ads based on the things it knows about you. Best Search Engines


Top 10 Best Search engines

With a 0.72 percent market share, Ask is the world’s sixth-largest search engine, 100 times smaller than Google and ten times smaller than Bing.

The site was initially known as “Ask Jeeves” and was founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in California.

The concept was to establish a question-and-answer service, similar to a virtual concierge, rather than another directory or search engine. This is why the founders named the company after the character Jeeves the Butler from P.G. Wodehouse’s novel.

When the company relaunched to “Ask” in 2006, it eliminated “Jeeves” from the name. Best Search Engines

10. AOL

Top 10 Best Search engines

AOL presently controls about 0.06 percent of the global search engine market. When you consider that AOL was once an internet pioneer, this is astonishing.

AOL, which stands for “America Online,” was founded in 1985.

In the mid-1990s, the web portal and online service provider established in New York City was one of the early internet pioneers.

It offered a dial-up service, a web portal, email, and instant messaging at first.

Bonus: Nepal’s Search engine. Just Released!

11. Niriv

Top 10 Best Search engines

Niriv is a search engine-based Web portal, with internet services just like Yahoo and Naver. Just like traditional web portals Niriv is also aiming for the same within Nepal.

Niriv is currently in Beta & will be released by the end of 2021. Niriv is building additional internet services besides search engines including Shopping, email, Social networks, Newsflips under one domain name as stated on their website.

Niriv states they will be adding unmatched services which are currently not available in Nepali Internet World. Niriv is inspired by – A south Korean search and web giant.

Yukesh Chaudhary

Yukesh Chaudhary is a Nepalese Entrepreneur & Founder of Niriv. He likes Blogging, Building Companies & Relationships, Innovating & Investing.

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