(TPK2) Thapki Pyar Ki 2 Full Episode 30th March 2022 Written Update, Thapki Writes a Message

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Here we are sharing a written update of the astir salient show. The amusement is astonishing and entertaining and interesting. This amusement is moving good with the large TRP connected television. According to the promo videos, the amusement is going to beryllium precise absorbing and entertaining. The latest occurrence starts with Veena denying to apologize to Jaya. Purab returns and asks volition not apologize adjacent for Purab’s happiness and her pupil Thapki? Thapki gave her arsenic Gurudakshina adjacent aft knowing it is not close and Thapki faced truthful galore insults to prevention their respect and she gave her dependable recognition to Hansika to marque her consciousness that she is not replacing your presumption and what’s incorrect successful accepting information successful beforehand of Jaya.

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Veena says it is but she says however to dainty Jaya that they volition not repetition their mistakes arsenic she insulted Thapki galore times. Veena says she is simply a precise atrocious parent due to the fact that she ruined her son’s beingness than however she volition look Jaya. Dadi says Jaya volition forgive you arsenic her bosom is large similar their daughter-in-law Thapki truthful spell and bring their Thapki. Veena agrees. You volition spot Preeti volition footwear Priyanka. Priyanka warns her to permission her room. Preeti says Sagar loves her. Priyanka calls Sagar. Sapna comes determination and asks what is happening here. Preeti asks Sapna to bless her calling her Mom successful law. she ignores her.

You volition spot Veena coming to Thapki’s house. She opens her Jholi and asks for Thapki from Jaya. She says they made a batch of mistakes with Thapki and aft each this, she is inactive lasting with them. Everybody successful the location is not blessed without Thapki, Veena says she utilized to person pridefulness successful her creation but her pridefulness successful creation has gotten smaller successful beforehand of her attitude. Jaya says wherever was the emotion of Purab erstwhile helium was blaming Thapki for Sargam’s condition, and erstwhile helium was marrying Thapki.

Veena says Purab is not the lone 1 who has done incorrect with Thapki, she has besides done incorrect with her. Purab comes and says that helium said antecedently that helium volition instrumentality Thapki from present but erstwhile she volition let him. He asks her to let him for surviving here. Purab goes connected his knees and asks to hold to let Thapki. Preeti reveals to Sagar that Priyanka is the blackmailer, who is blackmailing. You volition spot that Jaya volition hold with Purab and she volition hold to nonstop Thapki with him. She says that she tin instrumentality their Luxmi. Veena says not similar this she says archetypal of each we should signifier their matrimony past they volition instrumentality her home. episodes end.

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