Traffic blocked in Nuwakot due to bridge collapse

29 July 2021 08:25 AM | UPDATED 4 months ago

29 July 2021 08:25 AM

Floods and landslides have damaged various places in Nuwakot due to incessant rains. 

The road has come to a complete standstill after the floods on Wednesday evening damaged the bridge at Kholsa on the Bidur side of the Maithali Training Center in Nuwakot.

The road from Battar to Bidur in Nuwakot has been closed due to the damage to the bridge.

According to Lalita Dhakal, Inspector at the District Police Office, Nuwakot, the road from Bidur to Battar via Maithali Barracks was closed after the foundation of the bridge was damaged at around 9 pm on Wednesday. 

According to him, the bridge has been cut off on both sides of the road. It has become difficult for even pedestrians to come.

Emergency services have not been able to reach Bidur-Battar due to the obstruction of the bridge. Vehicles have to be stopped until the road is repaired and re-operated due to the lack of suitable alternative roads.

Narayan Dutta Bhandari, chief of the Galchi-Trishuli-Syafrubensi-Rasuwagadhi road project, said that efforts will be made to open the damaged bridge and blocked the road from this morning. 

According to him, efforts will be made to re-operate the blocked roads as soon as possible by mobilizing the equipment and manpower of the Road Division and Planning Office.

Meanwhile, the Nuwakot Police said that details of the damage caused to the houses in the landslide in other parts of the district were being collected. 

Rainfall with lightning has increased the sources of water sources and increased the flow of water in streams, rivers, and streams.

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