Tumkot residents are compelled to drink murky water

Tumkot murky water

Locals of Tumkot village in Ward No. 5 of North Namkha Municipality of Humla are compelled to walk for an hour to fetch murky water from the river.

They were forced to walk for an hour to fetch water from the river after the water source was flooded. The locals have been suffering from drinking water after the floods on August 4 washed away the drinking water sources and pipelines.

Thupden Gyanto Lama, a local resident of Tumkot, said that they had to fetch water from the Tumkot river an hour below the village after the flood washed away the drinking water source, intake, and pipeline. 

After the water in the house has stopped flowing, the only job of one person in the house is to fetch water daily.

Locals have been forced to use the murky water of the river after the floods damaged the drinking water project. It has become a daily routine for the locals of Tumkot to get up early in the morning and carry drinking water. 

Locals of 25 households in Tumkot have been affected by this.

Dant Shahi, the field coordinator of the Rural Water Resources Management Project, said that there was a problem with drinking water in the village after the Fusing Drinking Water and Sanitation Project constructed from a well inside the village was washed away by the landslide.