Twelve injured in a clash between police and teachers in Kanchanpur

Kanchanpur clash

A clash broke out between teachers and police at the Bhim Dutt Municipality office in Kanchanpur today.

The Nepal Teachers’ Association, Kanchanpur, had started the sit-in protest by violating the procedure and ignoring the process. 

Secretary of the association Nabin Singh Dhami accused the municipality of not holding a hearing during the agitation for 35 days. He said that 12 people were injured in the clash.

The injured are undergoing treatment at Mahakali Provincial Hospital, according to the association. 

Secretary of the association Dhami said that the education branch of the municipality has been locked since July 18. 

Earlier, the elected representatives of the Nepali Congress in the municipality had boycotted the executive meeting stating that the demand for teachers had not been met.

It is alleged that the teacher was charged by the police and the municipal police when the fraternal organization of the party came to show solidarity with the movement. 

There have been clashes between the agitating parties and the police.